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Flexible Magnet Shee // PVC PP PET laminated Details

AUTHOR : Date : 12/21/2017 1:02:42 AM

Isotropic/ Anisotropic  Magnets Specification:
Thickness: 0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm/0.7mm/1mm or 12mil/15mil/20mil/30mil/40mil
Width: 620mm/1020mm/1070mm/1220mm/1270mm or 24.375”/40”/42”/48”/50”
Length: 15M/20M/30M or 50Ft/100ft
Custom thickness, width and length are available upon request.


Lujun Magnetic Sheeting is made by mixing with plastic or synthetic rubber. It has permanent magnetic property with excellent flexibility characteristics.
Lujun Magnetic sheeting can be classified as both standard magnetic energy (isotropic) and high magnetic energy (anisotropic) according to their magnetic properties.
Lujun  Magnetic sheeting can be classified as plain brown magnetic sheeting, printable magnetic sheeting, and magnetic sheeting with adhesiveaccording to their finish or laminates.
Lujun Magnetic sheeting is made from eco-friendly materials that meet RoHS and EN71-3 standards, please free to require MSDS and test report.

1) Lujun Magnetic Sheeting can be easily cut, slit, folded and twisted without damaging the magneticpower; the magnetic power is guaranteed not to reduce innormalconditions.
2) Lujun advanced UV back coating protects from surface staining and sticking and it eliminates blocking.


STANDARD ENERGY MAGNETS – PRINTABLE, we make many kinds of different printing material laminated on magnets. These materials include PVC, PP, PET, photo paper and coated paper etc. Printable magnets are suitable for wide print processes, such as digital inkjet print for UV curable, eco-solvent, water-base, HP Latex, laser print of HP Indigo and TONER, offset print, flexo and label print, screen print, etc.

Standard Energy Magnets – with adhesive, we offer different type and properties adhesive used on magnets, standard are indoor adhesive, outdoor adhesive, 3M adhesive, Tesaadhesive.